Projects of Techsquat

With every iteration, success or fail we gather new wisdom and confidence.

Products and Services

logo of Jack

2015 – now

Jackova Továrna

Solving consumer demand for personalized gifts by designing, printing, and delivering beautiful T-shirts and other goods.

logo of Figure POS

2015 – now

Figure POS

POS system made by a small business for small businesses.

logo of Bileto

2014 – 2015


Cloud-based tool for selling tickets, managing operations and sharing key information easily.

icon of flower

2013 – now

Flower Checker

Plant identification service that enables users to get answers from real biologists.

Blueprints and Events

logo of WhatTheHack



Hackathon without marketing bullshit that solves real problems from hackers like you. Experienced mentors and healthy food included.

logo of Babble



Winning App of V4 Hackathon 2016: Driving the ‘Connected Life’ that allows you to talk to open-minded strangers in public places about any topic.

logo of Bez Andreje


Bez Andreje

Do goods that you buy come from Andrej Babiš (Minister of Finance)?

icon of gas


Tracking of Gas

Solving extensive consumption of Gas at Paralelni Polis by real-time monitoring of gas meter.

icon of group


Impact Travelers

4 weeks program for talents in the digital space who are sent to developing countries to work in local businesses.

logo of BitBrno



Winning App of Smart Cities Hackathon that allows you to buy tickets for Brno's public transport with Bitcoins.

icon of pen paint brush


Wall on Anděl

We engaged people who were waiting for a train by letting them draw on a temporary wall during the reconstruction of metro station Anděl.

icon of pen paint brush

2013 – 2015

Rails Girls

We helped start the Rails Girls movement in Brno and Ostrava that brings more girls into IT. Also, we inspired the creation of Czechitas.

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