Members of Techsquat

Each of us has a unique set of views, traits and flaws but what unites us is an eternal ambition to change the world.

photo of Adam Amran

Adam Amran

User Experience Designer

A freelance designer with a passion for self education, meeting people, exploring things and electronic music.

photo of Martin Andrle

Martin Andrle

Business Designer

Since curiousity is the thing he trusts, irrational decisions drive him to love people. He is eager to improve their lives by designing things.

photo of Lucie Bajgart

Lucie Bajgart

Visual Designer

Girl who fell in love with design and marketing communication. "My goal is to make people happier, make the world a better place and, most importantly, wear cool shirts."

photo of Ondřej Bárta

Ondřej Bárta


Young developer enthusiastic about art and design. Writes letters to keep himself sane from the digital world.

photo of Petr Bela

Petr Bela

Hacker and Entrepreneur

Experienced software engineer who uses technology to bring people closer to each other.

photo of Petr Bouchal

Petr Bouchal

Entrepreneur and Traveller

Bishop whose philosophy is common sense and intuition. His values are opportunities, time used to the fullest and a healthy lifestyle.

photo of Pavel Hamřík

Pavel Hamřík

Digital Product Designer and Entrepreneur

His appreciation for design is beyond limits. He believes that small companies can build great things, so he wanders around those.

photo of Petr Hlubina

Petr Hlubina

User Experience Designer

Passionate independent designer, lover and thoughts traveller. He does his homeworks, deals with foggy visions and transforms them into intuitive experiences. In all fields of life.

photo of Štěpán Hruda

Štěpán Hruda

iOS Developer

A space cowboy and occasional traveler through time. In order to overcome the boundaries of many fields, he streals the most useful things from each of them.

photo of Aislinn Chen

Aislinn Chen


A dreamer, advocator, divergent thinker and growth hacker. She pursues to live and breathe with technology and innovation as a lifestyle tirelessly.

photo of František Churý

František Churý

Entrepreneur and Mentor

His free time is devoted to business. Eats nothing from a deep fryer.

photo of Veronyka Jelinek

Veronyka Jelinek

Animator and Director ·

A curious chick who likes to learn stuff, travel and be amazed. Working as a character animator, aspiring to direct projects, ready to move on.

photo of Jakub Jurovych

Jakub Jurovych

Product Designer and Developer

Dedicated enough to eat rolls until his first IPO.

photo of Jan Antonín Kolář

Jan Antonín Kolář

Serial Entrepreneur

A spaceman. Without spaceship and a suit. And not being in space.

photo of Pavel Král

Pavel Král

Hot dog seller

He loves to dance with zeros and ones till late night.

photo of Vladimír Mokrý

Vladimír Mokrý

Service Designer, Entrepreneur and Illustrator ·

Used to nibble crayons as a child. Stole Photoshop once but returned it before anyone noticed.

photo of Peter Sandtner

Peter Sandtner

Full-Stack Developer

A fierce opponent of his own descriptions. He believes that technology should help people achieve their goals in the world.

photo of Karel Smutný

Karel Smutný

Agile Coach and Developer ·

A Scrum Coach, programmer, father of a family, in his free time he programs robots with his daughter.

photo of Michal Trunečka

Michal Trunečka


On the edge between writing paragraphs of code and dancing Lindy in the night.

photo of Ondřej Válka

Ondřej Válka


Wannabe software engineer, user interface designer, product manager and guitar player. All in, nothing out.

photo of Ondřej Veselý

Ondřej Veselý

Full-Stack Developer and Entrepreneur

A lover of inner beauty and AI focused on web backend, devoted contributor to academic annals.

photo of Jan Vlček

Jan Vlček

Product Designer and Developer

Striving to go further he ends up either with a different product design or at a mountain peak. Appreciates clarity which he subconsciously seeks in the world.

photo of Ondrej Vymětalík

Ondřej Vymětalík

Freelance Web Developer and Traveler

A motorcycle fan, coffee lover, bartender and founder of Okruháři web portal. He creates websites with joy and skill. Couldn’t live in Hobbiton.

photo of Martin Vytrhlík

Martin Vytrhlík

iOS Developer

In love with board games, games, programming and delivering handy apps. Daydreaming included.

photo of Jiří Zlatohlávek

Jiří Zlatohlávek

Game Designer

Thinkin’ up stuff to life, doubting things, designing solutions and drinking coffee.

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