Non-profit co-work & co-live community with strong passion in technology, design and innovation.


Techsquat enables people to build great stuff that helps society. To achieve this, members share their knowledge, experiences and perspectives, and help each other in their fields and beyond.


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Member respects other members and helps them when needed.

Knowledge Sharing

Member shares his knowledge with other members.


Member works and lives with integrity and honour.


Member cares his surroundings and the place he lives in.


Member openly talks about any issue and gives valuable feedback to others.


Tumblr articles (Czech)

Old articles from 2012 on Tumblr.


Techsquat film

Film director Tereza Bernátková created a document about Techsquat flat in Prague (2015).

“How to build own incubator” talk (Czech)

Jan A. Kolář, Vladimír Mokrý, Adam Amran, Petr Bouchal and Ondřej Veselý discuss cons and prons of living on Techsquat flat on Hradecký Startovač (2014).

“Start to live full fat” (Czech)

Jan A. Kolář talks about community living on TEDx Budweis (2015).

Techsquat is a Monastery for Business-minded Geeks (Czech)

Article by Michal Kašpárek (2012)

Men with computers and women with flowers in the hair (Czech)

Article by Anna Bromová (2013)

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