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Living with an idea

Creativity is not a talent, but the need to change the world. Building a startup is not a job, but a way of living. Business is not happening out there, but right here. Therefore Techsquat is not just a flat, but a community.

Join Techsquat and find out that in “but” we see a possibility. Join Techsquat and see how a sleepover can change your life. Join Techsquat and make something out of nothing.

Techsquat is about community


Jan A. Kolář

In pursuit of finding his own way he often scrambles through the shrubs, he likes the smell of books and tries to dance when no one can see him. When he has nothing to do, he starts projects. Currently at TS Prague.

Vladimír Mokrý

Used to nibble crayons as a child. He likes drawing and painting, although spilling colours in Photoshop won’t make him dirty. Currently at TS Prague.

Peter Sandtner

A fierce opponent of his own descriptions. He believes that technology should help people achieve their goals. His motto is “Motto is the best policy”. Sept 2012 – Dec 2015 at TS Brno.

Martin Andrle

Independently dependent nomad who is keen to make things easier. Passionate about irrational decisions. Oct 2014 – Dec 2015 at TS Brno.

Pavel Král

He loves to dance with zeros and ones till late night. Currently at TS Prague.

Pavel Hamřík

In the search for himself redefines that same himself — this summary probably gets outdated as you’re reading it. His appreciation for design is beyond limits. He believes that small companies can build great things, so he wanders around those. Currently at TS Prague.

Petr Hlubina

Passionate independent designer, lover and thoughts traveller. He does his homeworks, deals with foggy visions and transform them into intuitive experience. In all life fields. March – Dec 2015 at TS Brno.

Aislinn Chen

A dreamer, advocator, divergent thinker and growth hacker. She pursues to live and breathe with technology and innovation as a lifestyle tirelessly. Founded CodingGirls and TouriMe, and many more to come.

Jiabin Qin

He looks for rich experiences in life, not necessarily through travelling but changing perspective of viewing. Currently at TS Singapore.

Jack Chu

Value investing is cool! And so is Marathon! Currently at TS Singapore.

Jiaqi Yao

Passionate on both design and programming. Love to sketch out the stories in the head, then think up even more. Currently at TS Singapore. July – Dec 2015 at TS Singapore.

Weng Yi Tam

Authors don't just write stories, they open your minds. Programmers don't just code, they inspire people with their creation. That's why she is a programmer! Aug – Dec 2015 at TS Singapore.

Jiří Zlatohlávek

Game designer & existential detective at your service :: Thinkin’ up stuff to life, doubting things, designing solutions and drinking coffee. Currently at TS Prague.

Ondřej Válka

Wannabe software engineer, user interface designer, product manager and guitar player. All in, nothing out. Apr – Sept 2015 at TS Brno.

František Churý

An entrepreneur interested in entrepreneurship, lemur.mu web portal co-founder, creator of dictionaries with millions of downloads. His free time is devoted to business. Eats nothing from deep fryer. June 2013 – August 2015 at TS Brno.

Lucie Bajgartová

Girl who fall in love with design and marketing communication. My goal is to make people happier, make the world a better place and most importantly wearing a cool shirts. May – Sept 2014 at TS Brno.

Adam Amran

A freelance web designer with atendency to self education, passion for meeting people, exploring things and electronic music. Sometimes a wannabe DJ. Dec 2012 – Sept 2014 at TS Brno.

Petr Bouchal

Bishop whose philosophy is common sense and intuition. His values are opportunities, time used to the fullest and a healthy lifestyle. Jan – June 2014 at TS Brno

Jakub Jurových

Feb – June 2014 at TS Prague

Veronyka Jelinek

Curious chick who likes to learn stuff, travel and be amazed. Working as character animator, aspiring to direct projects, ready to move on. Jan – May 2014 at TS Prague

Ondřej Vymětalík

A motorcycle fan, coffee lover, bartender and founder of Okruháři web portal. He creates websites with joy and skill. Couldn’t live in Hobbiton. Sept 2012 – Sept 2013 at TS Brno

Karel Smutný

A Scrum Coach, programmer, father of a family, in his free time he programmes robots with his daughter. He eats project managers for breakfast. Summer 2013 at TS Brno

Petr Běla

An entrepreneur and hacker. He manages working simultaneously on ten projects at a time and driving everybody crazy with that. Few weeks during 2013 at TS Brno

Jan Vlček

Striving to go further he ends up either with a different product design or at a mountain peak. Appreciates clarity which he subconsciously seeks in the world. Currently at TS Prague.

Ondřej Veselý

A lover of inner beauty and AI focused on web backend, devoted contributor to academic annals and a backer of Ufobal. Currently also a father of anti plagiarism. Sept – Dec 2012 at TS Brno

Martin Čarnogurský

July – Sept 2012 at TS Brno

Štěpán Hruda

A space cowboy and occasional traveler through time. In order to overcome the boundaries of many fields, he robs the most useful things from each of them. Also listens to the electro swing. July – Sept 2012 at TS Brno


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Techsquat Values

1. Member respects other members and helps them when needed.

2. Member shares his knowledge.

3. Member works and lives with integrity and honour.

4. Member cares his surroundings and the place he lives in.

5. Member washes the dishes. No compromises.